USG Mindray 2 Dimensi

By | November 16, 2016

USG Mindray 2 Dimensi – Paket Komplit : 1. Unit Usg 2. Trolley Eksklusif 3. Ups 4. PrinterTelepon /Sms Untuk Penawaran Harga Dan Brosur. Bagi anda yang membutuhkan USG 2 dimensi DP-10 Merk Mindray kami menawarkan dengan harga sangat kompetitif.

	USG Mindray 2 Dimensi

UP-1 is a wireless sector probe scanner.
This wireless probe scanner with integrated ultrasound circuit boards inside, can wireless connect to the PC Tablet, SmartPhone that after installed ultrasound software, then realize the functions of a ultrasound scanner.
It is small and smart, convenient for carry and operation.

-Scanning system: sector sweep;
-Depth: 180mm;
-Host: Apple IPAD mini/IPAD air/IPHONE etc.
-Throughout: 54Mbps
-Field of view: 80 degree
-Display mode: B
-Image gray scale: 256 level
-Connection: 802.11.g WIFI(AP)
-Pseudo color: 8 type
-Measure: distance, area, Obstetrics;
-Power supply: by built-in battery

-Power consumption: 5W (probe run) /1W (probe stop)
-Battery last: 5 hours
-Footprint: 138mm×44mm×38mm
-Weight: 200 gram

Standard Configuration:
-Main Host(probe) 1 Unit
-Internal Battery and charge cable 1 Set

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